Janyne Peek Emsick, Ph.D

Executive Clarity Coach, Consultant and Keynote Speaker

For over 30 years, Dr. Janyne Peek Emsick has focused on helping leaders implement change that sticks.  At both the organizational and individual levels, Janyne coaches executives to improve their personal performance and navigate the hard places of resistance to change and conflict. Her data infused methodology and personalized, brain-based coaching and consulting has supported and inspired leaders on six continents. From the C-Suite of Fortune 100 companies to the micro-enterprise and non-profit organizations, her holistic approach taps into individual and organizational potential for increased integrity, aligning intent with action to build lasting trust.  The tools and processes she developed shape how leaders identify and understand their Leadership DNA, to lead with effectiveness, clarity, and definition to fuel insight and future results.

Dr. Peek Emsick has led Your Executive Coach and built a legacy of working with executives and companies, including ADP, Ameritech (now AT&T), Alpha Canada, Alpha USA, Aftermarket Technology Corp., Avenue Scholars Foundation, Business Ethics Alliance, CLAAS, Dermatology Specialists of Omaha, Discover Financial Services, Early Out Services, Franciscan Sisters of Chicago Service Corporation, General Service Bureau, LandDesign, Leo A. Daly, Mitsubishi Electric, Mutual of Omaha, Lueder Construction Company, One World Community Health Centers, ORBIS Corporation, Panera Bread, PepsiCo (Pepsi, Quaker, Tropicana, Frito‐Lay), Union Pacific, United States Marine Corps–Europe, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, University of Nebraska Medical Center, and US Cellular.

Dr. Peek Emsick’s Clarity Coaching Programs include a series of strategically designed coaching curriculum focused on defining leadership to navigate the complexities of conflict in an increasingly complex world. Through Clarity Coaching, Janyne shares best practices and rooted methodology in neuroscience.

Experience & Skills

Leadership Development & Coaching:

  • Founder & Facilitator of Clarity Coaching Programs for Executives and Teams
  • Event & Keynote Speaker
  • Creighton University’s MBA Program: Change Leadership
  • Tyndale University’s Doctor of Ministry Program: “The Person of the Leader”

Education and Certifications:

  • Ph.D. in Leadership from Trinity International University
  • Certificate in Difficult Conversations, Harvard Law School Executive Education Program
  • Certified in Brain Based Conversations, NeuroLeadership Institute
  • Certified in facilitating: The Achiever, Change Style Indicator, Hardiness Resilience Gauge, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Business Background:

  • Owner & Managing Principal of Emsick Architects
  • Business Ethics Alliance's Board of Trustees
  • Served: Founding Board Member of Omaha Leaders, Founding Board of the Congo Initiative, launching a bilingual university in the war‐torn Democratic Republic of Congo


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Learn some fun facts about Janyne below.

Janyne’s favorite Alexa command: Alexa, play happy music from the 70’s.

Favorite fiction author: James le Carre

Janyne’s favorite color: Purple. They called me "Peek the Purple People Eater" as a kid.

Janyne’s favorite place: Anywhere warm, near a large body of water with sandy beaches.

Favorite team: Da Bears!

Favorite sport: I’m much more of a fan than athlete, but Mike and I really love walking a round of golf at Field Club of Omaha, the oldest golf course west of the Mississippi. The clubhouse features photos of Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Perry Como golfing there in their hey-day!

Favorite tradition: Mike and I moved into the family home he and his 8 brothers and sisters shared.  It was built just after the Civil War, in 1885. With 9 kids, the Emsicks are a whopper sized family, and our home is steeped in family memories since the early 50s!   Each Christmas we host a Children’s Christmas Party which 75 or so family members attend. Its nuts! The kids decorate ornaments, create their own pizzas, and we have a Christmas program where the youngest share the Nativity Story and sing classic Christmas Carols. Then Santa ho-ho-hos from the attic and “surprises” the kids with presents. For the rest of my life I will smile at the memory of all of the kids squealing for Santa!

"Janyne makes it her business to get to know your business and the individuals with whom she is working. We reached out to her for the knowledge she brings to organizations. What makes her most special is..."

Praise From Kathy Bachner
VP of HR and Administration Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

"I would recommend Janyne to anyone who is going through a transition — technical or mergers or combining companies — anywhere there is..."

Praise From Frank Shannon
President/Owner Synergy Home Health Care Former Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive

"She’s got a personality where you are immediately comfortable. I think that is really important for people in this role. She can very quickly establish trust with..."

Praise From Ashley Clark
Director of Strategic Development and Communications, LandDesign

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