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“Janyne is a great catalyst in getting issues on the table in a way our executive team could not have accomplished alone. She has a unique ability to help us feel comfortable in opening up, sharing and listening to new ways to approach our business. There is a genuine depth to the conversation, one-on-one and also within the team. I am definitely seeing people stretch. I recommend Janyne for her skills and the effect she will have your organization, if you open your door to her.”

David Rebmann 

Director (Board of Directors)

SVP, Chief Administration Officer

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

“When the Business Ethics Alliance required a strategic thought leader for our Ethical Legacy Project, I immediately turned to Janyne. Our project was to identify and articulate the core values of the Omaha business community. Janyne created focus groups and identified the right demographics for the task.”

Beverly Kracher, Ph.D. 

Founder and Senior Ethicist

Business Ethics Alliance

Robert B. Daugherty Endowed Chair, Professor of Business Ethics & Society, Creighton University

“I would recommend Janyne to anyone who is going through a transition — technical or mergers or combining companies — anywhere there is a sizable amount of change. Janyne has the ability to define all the aspects that need to be considered when figuring out how the new unit can be most successful — what are the steps, etc. She has that knowledge and know-how and can put transformation into action. I think she can help people who think they are doing well. She can help them do even better. It’s definitely money well spent!”

Frank Shannon


Synergy Home Health Care 

Former Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive

"Janyne is very flexible. She is easy to do business with. She was able to tailor her presentation and her approach and her experience to what was best for us - addressed our unique needs."

Betty Burke

Director, Continuous Improvement

U.S. Cellular Director’s Forum


"Janyne has an unparalleled capacity to listen - unlike any I've experienced before. This results in it feeling customized. This is a significantly underdeveloped skill and critical to leadership, listening to deeply understand. Janyne models this. It not "trite" listening skills training. It’s not about the mechanism; it’s about the mindset. That's where Janyne really connects and understands where they are at."

Susan Courtney

EVP Operations & Clinical Effectiveness

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

"The skills that Janyne brings are very useful in the c-suite roles. Her ability to help us become better leaders is needed in the world today. What she brought to the Board and to me was very helpful. My leadership improved because of her involvement. Janyne brought an expertise and wisdom to a process that can often be challenging for a board and an executive director. She used a terrific system coupled with her coaching skills to help us take feedback and understand it rightly to ensure there was a positive impact on the organization and it's leadership moving forward."

Shaila Visser
Global Senior Vice-President Alpha
National Director, Alpha Canada

"Janyne sees the invisible, puts words to it so we can understand, then provides a process so we can work through it to reach a higher level of capacity."

Stephanie Gould

Chief Communications & Talent Officer; Executive Vice President 

American National Bank

“Janyne was an amazing executive coach during a time of massive change, not only in my organization, but also concerning how we fit in the overall human resources industry. I needed outside guidance and counsel on several fronts in order to preserve and grow the business for the future, amidst the HR profession and the general economy. Janyne is a person of the highest integrity. She builds trust, processes quickly and comes back immediately with valuable and usable data.”

Nikki Teik

Owner & President

Ossanna Consulting Group

"She won’t sell you something you don’t need, or that won’t work to address your situation. She’ll walk away."

Greg Key


Lueder Construction Company

“With Janyne, you get the total package. She certainly is very knowledgeable of the subject matter. She is very personable, easy to talk to and that’s across the board — not just with one individual — all of our senior leaders have had a favorable experience.”

Matt Lopinski

Vice President Industrial Automation Division

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

“Janyne is adding more value, breaking down silos and getting us to work together as a real team. I can’t speak highly enough of her. She has been a great help to me with the 360° Feedback, her coaching and advising. She has really helped me grow as a leader by earning my trust and respect. We have developed a mutual relationship, and her advice is spot-on.”

Ken Innami

Senior Director of Strategic Planning & Innovation

Mitsubishi Electric Automatic, Inc.

“I recommend Janyne because of her approach, her professionalism, her knowledge. She has the ability to listen, then formulate the proper questions. She knows what to ask and is not afraid to deliver what you need to hear. With your cooperation, Janyne can definitely take you and your organization to the next level.”

Keith Taylor

Senior Pastor

Church of the Nazarene, Newmarket, Ontario


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