Executive Coaching for Change that Sticks

When you engage us we use a data-based approach to:  
1. Leverage strengths to raise the bar on leadership performance.
2. Drive results-focus in the midst of change, conflict and unclear expectations. 
3. Inspire and challenge through dynamic keynotes and one-of-a-kind "Your Authentic Executive" interviews.
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Executive Clarity Catalysts

We will help you get back to focusing on results without the interpersonal obstacles, confusion or change resistance that is distracting your leadership.


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We are committed to lifelong learning and continuous improvement that lasts

Designed for the busy executive

You don’t have time for superficiality. Together, we’ll roll up our sleeves, set goals, and dig deep for lasting change.

Focuses on key “Cornerstone Shifts"

Change "sticks" as a result of consistent, realistic, incremental steps we call Cornerstone Shifts. 

Ideal for executives ready to do real work

Your time and effort is valuable and so is ours. Our process works best with individuals committed to do the reflection and action required for transformational change.


We help executives and the teams they lead navigate the the important and sometimes hard stuff so they are freed to focus on results.

We understand the complexity of executive...

We understand the complexity of executive leadership and work-life balance, integrating the realities and challenges of C-Suite life and leadership.

We bring objectivity and facilitate reality checking. . .

We bring objectivity and facilitate data-gathering that brings robust insight to the leadership challenges you face so you can take freshly informed action.

We commit dedicated time to focus on...

We commit dedicated time to focus on you and on what is uniquely important to you - creating a consistent and one-of-kind-customized development program that addresses your specific priorities and needs.

And even more importantly, we provide...

And even more importantly, we provide accountability that helps you “right the ship” and align your leadership aspirations with observable actions that move the needle on your goals.

Janyne Peek Emsick, Ph.D.

Executive Clarity Coach, Consultant and Keynote

Janyne brings nearly three decades of experience coaching leaders and their teams through the hard places, the resistance and conflict that comes with implementing large-and small-scale change, the frustration and wasted time that results from role confusion, misaligned goals, unclear processes and unmet expectations. From the C-Suite of the Fortune 100 to the micro-enterprise and non-profit executive, Janyne has helped a multitude of leaders across five continents.

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Why we are different. . . in our clients’ words:

Kathy Bachner

“Janyne makes it her business to get to know your business and the individuals with whom she is working. We reached out to her for the knowledge she brings to organizations. What makes her most special is..."

VP of HR and Administration Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.


Frank Shannon

“I would recommend Janyne to anyone who is going through a transition — technical or mergers or combining companies — anywhere there is a sizable amount of change ..."

President/Owner Synergy Home Health Care Former Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive


Ashley Clark

"She’s got a personality where you are immediately comfortable. I think that is really important for people in this role. She can very quickly establish trust with..."


Director of Strategic Development and Communications, LandDesign


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