Executive Clarity Coaching

Is change, confusion or conflict distracting you from results? We can help!

We’re Executive Clarity Catalysts who will help you get back to focusing on results without the interpersonal obstacles, confusion or change resistance that is distracting your leadership.

Why:  Sometimes, executive and hi-potential leaders find themselves out of alignment and need a competent, confidential and customized coaching process to bring clarity to the hardest situations they encounter:  Resistance during change,  confusion during realignment, conflict in key relationships.  

What:  Our Executive Clarity Coaching program is a 6-month process, customized to address your priorities -- the greatest challenges that hijack your energy and distract you from your focus on results.

Who is it for:  If you are an executive or high-potential leader whose efforts to resolve the situation haven't worked, and you are ready to roll up your sleeves . . .

  • You need help from an objective, expert perspective
  • You need a confidential resource to help you better understand the breadth of the situation.
  • You need help mapping out the best next steps and consistent conversations to hold you accountable to take them.

How we are different:  Dr. Janyne Peek Emsick brings 30 years of coaching and consulting in complex situations, bringing her expertise and her unwavering commitment to the best in human beings, to help align individuals with organizational priorities.  


What is Executive Clarity Coaching?

We help executives navigate the hard stuff so they are freed to focus their leadership on results.

Executive Clarity Coaching turns learning into action.

To Know and Not Do is to Not Yet Know. Kurt Lewin

Executive Clarity Coaching is a robust six-month coaching process.

Best Practice 1: First, seek to understand. . .

We use data to clearly understand the context, the current reality.  This begins with gathering data to describe and define your unique Leadership DNA, the personality, strengths, the Leadership Brand, that fuels your success.

We also use data to better understand the specific Leadership Context and Challenges you are currently experiencing.

We apply best-in-class tools and frameworks in a collaborative coaching setting to understand the intersection between your Leadership DNA and the Leadership Context & Challenges you face.

Best Practice 2: Next seek to be understood . . . through your actions.
We then determine best next steps and provide confidential coaching and accountability to sustain change.

Clarity Coaching Map

Month 1

Aspire and Assess:

Self-awareness (Internal)

Month 2


Self-awareness (external)

Month 3


Action Planning & Clarity Coaching for Change

Month 4


Clarity Coaching for Change

Month 5


Clarity Coaching for Change

Month 6

Sustain and Assess:

Clarity Coaching for Change, Assess Progress


We help executives and the teams they lead navigate the hard stuff so they are freed to focus on results.

1. We understand the complexity of executive leadership and work-life balance, integrating the realities and challenges of C-Suite life and leadership.

2. We bring objectivity and facilitate data-gathering that brings robust insight to the leadership challenges you face so you can take freshly informed action.

3. We commit dedicated time to focus on you and what is uniquely important to you - creating a consistent and one-of-kind-customized development program that addresses your specific priorities and needs.

4. And even more importantly, we provide accountability that helps you “right the ship” and align your leadership aspirations with observable actions that move the needle on your goals.

Are you ready to work with us?

Our proven best practices will help you clear the clutter that keeps you from maximizing capacity. We like Bacon and Spears' Seven Levels of Executive Coachability. Take a look to diagnose your level of coachability.

Has an intrinsic need to grow. Is a lifelong learner. Has a realistic sense of self.

Accepts feedback and shows an earnest desire to improve.

Demonstrates some resistance to the coaching process, but has a growing awareness of the need for change.

Is complacent and unmotivated to change. Pays lip service to change, but is not really committed to it.

Resists or deflects feedback. Rationalizes negative perceptions. Is openly negative toward the coaching, saying that it is not helpful.

Narcissistic personality. Arrogant. Sees no need to change.

Identified psychological or medical problem that is beyond the scope of a coaching intervention in the workplace.

Bacon, T., & Spear, K. I. (2003). Adaptive coaching: The art and practice of a client-centered approach to performance improvement. Mountain View, CA: Davis-Black Publishing.

"The skills that Janyne brings are very useful in the c-suite roles. Her ability to help them become better leaders is extremely needed in the world today. What she brought to the board and me was very helpful."

Praise From Shaila Vasser
Senior Vice President Alpha International

"I would recommend Janyne to anyone who is going through a transition — technical or mergers or combining companies — anywhere there is a sizable amount of change. Janyne has the ability to define all the aspects that need to be considered when figuring out how the new unit can be most successful — what are the steps, etc. She has that knowledge and know-how and can put transformation into action. I think she can help people who think they are doing well. She can help them do even better. It’s definitely money well spent!"

Praise From Frank Shannon
President/Owner Synergy Home Health Care Former Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive

"Janyne is able to take very complicated situations and make them much easier to digest and understand, and she is able to deliver that in a way that people will listen and receive the message."

Praise From Abel Pomar

"Janyne was an amazing executive coach during a time of massive change, not only in my organization, but also concerning how we fit in the overall human resources industry. I needed outside guidance and counsel on several fronts in order to preserve and grow the business for the future, amidst the HR profession and the general economy. Janyne is a person of the highest integrity. She builds trust, processes quickly and comes back immediately with valuable and usable data."

Praise From Nikki Teik
Owner & President Ossanna Consulting Group

Still Not Sure

Even though the benefit of hiring an executive coach is proven, you’ve not yet taken the step. It feels too risky. Finding a competent coach who I can trust is like looking for a needle in a haystack!



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