Team Clarity Coaching

Navigating team distractions and complexities so aligned results can come into focus.

Team Clarity Catalysts work with leadership teams to navigate the hard obstacles and resistance that distracts the team from achieving desired results.

Data-Based Methodology

Team Clarity Coaching is a process built within a framework of 30+ years of proven best practices and brain science. Each team member determines their Leadership DNA.

Learn Your Leadership DNA

360 Degree Feedback

How you are experienced as a leader by your peers is defined by examining your Leadership Footprint. Each member receives strengths-focused qualitative and quantitative 360 feedback.

Gain Team Feedback

Sustained Success

Team members participate in confidential 1-1 coaching sessions, as well as team discussions. Alignment and actions plans are defined for future success.

Start the Journey

How Do We Initiate Team Clarity Coaching?

Team Clarity Coaching is an empowering, robust, customized six-month process designed to help teams create alignment around shared goals, roles and processes, while identifying and addressing obstacles causing misalignment.

We’re good in hard places. . . just ask our clients:

"Janyne’s main task was to work with our leadership team, first to understand what we envisioned for the future. As soon as that was defined, she created a vision and mission statement. She started with the executive team and worked her way to the next level and the next. Everyone was in lockstep. Janyne coached us to move us forward in a direction where everyone was much more cheerful and happy to come to work. We transformed a warehouse into a high-powered tech center that could be toured. Janyne really helped transition the environment."

Praise From Frank Shannon
President/Owner Synergy Home Health Care Former Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive

"She’s an expert in situations where there is disruption and room for growth. She is good in those situations in ways I haven’t seen others. Janyne is an expert at change management and going into situations where things are messy and can be elevated. She brings a systems approach, not only develop the individual but the system within the organization, Because of this, change sticks. This is essential from an executive perspective."

Praise From Beverly Kracher, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Business Ethics Alliance Robert B. Daugherty

"Janyne is adding more value, breaking down silos and getting us to work together as a real team. I can’t speak highly enough of her. She has been a great help to me with the 360° Feedback, her coaching and advising. She has really helped me grow as a leader by earning my trust and respect. We have developed a mutual relationship, and her advice is spot-on."

Praise From Ken Innami
Senior Director of Strategic Planning & Innovation Mitsubishi Electric Automatic, Inc.

"I worked with Janyne at an organization and saw the value she brought to our leadership team. She was able to control and guide the group and keep people from derailing the conversation and process. Janyne can go toe-to-toe in a very professional manner. She has a passion for affecting transformation. When she sees ways to make an organization better, she cannot restrain herself, and her enthusiasm is very contagious. Not only does she bring passion, she is able to speak super intelligently at all levels within the organization."

Praise From Frank Shannon
President/Owner Synergy Home Health Care

Still Not Sure

Even though the benefit of hiring an executive coach is proven, you’ve not yet taken the step. It feels too risky. Take advantage of this complementary opportunity to get to know Dr. Janyne Peek Emsick.


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