Your Authentic Executive

One-of-a-Kind Executive Interviews to Engage and Inspire at Your Next Event

Is your audience tired of the same-old-same-old executive presentations? Imagine your audience inspired through the power of facilitated executive life-storytelling! We make it easy!


Your Authentic Executive interviews infuse the energy of authenticity and storytelling into your event. Count on Janyne to draw out the power and relate-ability of your executive’s authentic life-story.

Janyne's Your Authentic Executive Life-Story interviews are uniquely inspired by James Lipton’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio” episodes which feature the life stories of premier actors and directors like Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Arthur Miller, Viola Davis and Robin WIlliams. 

Janyne integrates her expertise as a sociologist, actress/director, and organizational development expert to bring every executive's story to life.  Using actual photos and life stories, lessons and challenges, your executive is freed to connect and inspire – without the heavy lifting of presentation prep (we do that part!)

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Why we are different. . . in our clientsā€™ words

Betty Burke

“I knew that Janyne would blow them away, but I really didn’t anticipate the success of how much she blew them away. It was greater than I even expected."

Director, Continuous Improvement, U.S. Cellular Director’s Forum, 2018


Beverly Kracher, Ph.D.

“Because of her training in education, Janyne is always looking at things from the learner’s perspective. That enables her to be an outstanding presenter. She engages the audience and draws them in. She sees things from their side and has the skills to deliver what they need.”

Executive Director, Business Ethics Alliance Robert B. Daugherty, Endowed Chair, Professor of Business Ethics & Society Creighton University


Debra F. Williams

"Janyne is phenomenal -- both her deep expertise and your engaging delivery style -- any organization would benefit greatly by engaging her."

Executive Vice President Right Management. Michigan SHRM



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