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leadership May 18, 2019


Design & implement first 360° Leadership Feedback process that aligned with the organization’s performance management system
(North American restaurant chain)


Collaborated with the internal HR team to design survey items that measured leadership behaviors that brought to life the organization’s vision & values.  Designed & implemented supporting process that maximized executive ownership and resulted in measurable behavioral change. Orientation process included web-based education sessions for all survey respondents to minimize time investment and cost. Facilitated Executive Team workshops to introduce the process, and to distribute and interpret individual and team 360° Feedback reports, along with individual coaching for development planning and follow-up.


Automate corporate leadership feedback process & equip  regional internal administrators 
(global business process outsourcing company)


Collaborated with internal HR staff to expand existing High-Performer assessment to better measure Corporate Values and Competencies. Customized 20/20 Insight Survey Software with survey items and report templates. Designed and facilitated training for regional HR Management and key software administrators including software training, as well as materials and train-the trainer programs for “How to Provide Feedback” to be offered to survey respondents, “Interpreting Your Feedback and Planning for Development” for feedback recipients, and “Facilitating 360° Feedback Discussions” for managers of feedback recipients.


Develop global information systems department 
“Career Road Map” 

(telecomm company)


Collaborated with internal HR and OD staff to build a task force of IS staff representing key job groups. The team:

  1. Reviewed corporate core competencies and definitions

  2. Selected key functional competencies to complement the Corporate Core competencies for each job title (level) within each job group

  3. Created behavioral statements to describe each competency for each level of each job group

Finally, an interactive intranet-based “Career RoadMap” was created to make the resulting Matrix available and applicable for all IS employees.


Build effective leadership at front-line supervisory & 
mid-management levels
(high-tech warehouse)


Partnered with Sr. Leadership to develop a comprehensive Leadership and Employee Development change initiative to:

  1. Address “entitlement” culture with new vision, values and expectations

  2. Develop common leadership vocabulary and behaviors

  3. Identify and develop potential leaders

  4. Create new career paths

  5. Nurture a culture of self-direction and accountability

  6. Redirect low performing managers/supervisor to new roles and identify/develop successors

  7. Develop employee review process

  8. Design organizational communication process to continue alignment with new vision/values/expectations


Organizational Culture reflects dramatic increase in individual accountability and the valuing of actual leadership vs. seniority. Equipped Sr. Management, leaders and employees for a comprehensive Continuous Improvement initiative that resulted in a 200% increase in productivity.


Need for relevant organization-wide leadership development 
(high-tech leasing company)


Conducted needs assessment. Designed and developed curriculum: “Leading in a Changing Environment” with four modules delivered over 4 months: a) Personal Leadership Development, b) Situational Leadership, c) Change Management, d) Putting it all Together. Facilitated four-part training series for one year, then trained internal trainer to continue with workshop facilitation.


Hundreds of leaders developed and demonstrated measurable leadership skills. Human Resources equipped to facilitate and continue to improve Leadership Development Curriculum


Revise change management module of high-profile, five-day corporate leadership to meet executive expectations: 
(global telecommunications company)


Partnered with internal Executive Development staff to re-define needs and assess gap between the existing curriculum and current expectations. The curriculum had been newly revised by an external consulting firm who had not been invited to amend the material they had developed. The assessment resulted in an additional invitation to:

  1. Re-design of the entire 5-day program, from Corporate Vision and Values, How We Make Money, Leading Change, and Community Service to an Executive Panel Discussion module

  2. Team with internal experts to ensure curriculum strategy and content aligned with corporate vision and values

  3. Incorporate a holistic learning approach, to include both individual reflection and group dialogue, simulated learning experiences, qualitative and quantitative performance feedback, multi-level (peer to executive) interaction

  4. Develop and facilitate Train-the-Trainer for key internal executives who would facilitate program modules


Automate annual 360º Feedback Administration and re-assess corporate leadership competencies 
(telecomm company)


Facilitated focus groups to clarify leadership competencies. Designed and managed survey administration.


Over 30 days, administered 360° Feedback Surveys for 2000 managers (with 10,000 respondents) located across 5 states, delivering two bound reports to each feedback recipient. Created customized interpretation guide. 


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