Coronavirus, Complexity & Dad's Broken Ribs: Choosing Gratitude

Wow. It’s been a rough four months.  Hasn't it?

When it Started:

Friday, March 13, 2020 was the day THE COVID REALITY sunk in and I understood my life and work was going to change. . . immediately.

The next morning I wrote Clarity in Crisis,  back when my priority concerns were canceled events and canceled vacation reservations - plus my dad’s pending non-essential heart procedure. 

In the beginning, my mindset was "for a few weeks."  I recall my eyes nearly popping out of their sockets when a colleague suggested I plan for what then seemed a incomprehensible: 12-weeks of being confined at home.  

Probably 10 weeks, but plan for 12. 

Just in Case.  Incomprehensible.


It Didn't Get Easier. . . 

In late May my heart ached and my gut knotted-up as the US moaned and mourned and clenched its fists and took a stand via a variety of responses to a suffocating knee on the neck of George Floyd as he gasped...

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Your Executive Coach Sample Projects

leadership May 18, 2019


Design & implement first 360° Leadership Feedback process that aligned with the organization’s performance management system
(North American restaurant chain)


Collaborated with the internal HR team to design survey items that measured leadership behaviors that brought to life the organization’s vision & values.  Designed & implemented supporting process that maximized executive ownership and resulted in measurable behavioral change. Orientation process included web-based education sessions for all survey respondents to minimize time investment and cost. Facilitated Executive Team workshops to introduce the process, and to distribute and interpret individual and team 360° Feedback reports, along with individual coaching for development planning and follow-up.


Automate corporate leadership feedback process & equip  regional internal administrators 
(global business process outsourcing...

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